Terrazza Duomo 21 restaurant & lounge, Milan (Italy)



Milan, Italy



interior, lighting and furniture design


Terrazza Duomo 21 is a restaurant, lounge and disco bar, with a terrace just on the left side of the triumph arch of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The terrace offers a dramatic view on a unique ensamble of simbolic buildings and monuments of the city, like the Duomo, Palazzo Reale, the Museo del ‘900 at the Arengario, and Torre Velasca.

The interior spaces were renovated a first time in 2014, to be the lounge of the World Expo Commissionary Club (Wecc), in occasion of Expo Milan 2015. Just before the beginning of the universal expo, it was decided to rearrange the place in order to get a larger lounge bar and a gourmet restaurant, suitable for celebrations, official events and corporate incentives for its exclusive location. The project required a substantial reorganization and restyling of the spaces, focusing as well on the preservation of structural lay-out of the historic building. All the new internal partitions consist in removable furniture, especifically designed for the purpose. In less than two months were designed and realized all plants adaptations, lighting installations, decorations and carpentery works for reception area, the centric bar, bottlers and shelf units (designed to hide the flows of staff and supplies in and out from kitchen and bar).

Surfaces have been completely renovated according to a careful selection of colors and textures, to make immediately recognizable the identity of the new function, and create emotional relations with the symbolic charge of the historic environment. The floor is painted with a burnt oak effect; carpentery works are matt black laquered and details are treated with special copper and bronze finishes; a black processed travertino painture is applied on main central walls, in contrast with a clear silver silk special finish for other walls and ceilings; white colored back-lights are hidden in the furniture, leaving the light come out from frosted glass frames.

(photo Umberto Armiraglio, Marco Covi)