Pavarotti Restaurant & Museum, Milano (Italia)



Milano, Italia



interior and lighting design


The wish to celebrate Luciano Pavarotti and promote Italian regional cuisine from his motherland (Modena, in Emilia region) comes from the entrepreneur Alessandro Rosso and Nicoletta Mantovani (last wife of the Master), in occasion of Expo Milan 2015. An available portion in the attic floor of the national monument Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II was elected as the ideal location, due to his central position and proximity to Teatro alla Scala, where Pavarotti acted some of his greatest performances.

The view on Galleria’s impressive iron and glass vaults, and the interdisciplinary approach adopted by the concept (a well balanced mix between commercial and art), give the restaurant a very special atmosphere. Interior and lighting design items combine with graphics, on-site made illustrations and other artistic works, all set up like a permanent exhibition in the almost 500 square meters of the restaurant. The 160 seats themed rooms, a cozy lounge bar, the Modena Store, a live area for lyric’s performances, and two private dehors, turn the place into a kind of a living museum, showing not only the extraordinary career of Big Luciano, but also the intimacy of his character and his most cherished memories brought directly from his Modena’s house.

The lighting project was developed in collaboration with Artemide’s design office. The preservation of the secondary wooden beams of the ceiling was the occasion to fix a system of dimmable spot led mounted on alluminium rails, to enlighten graphics and artistic works set on the main brick walls. Other pendant glass diffusers with spherical shape were  selected for their similarity to the lamps of Teatro alla Scala.

The restoration works, under the supervision of the Superintendent of Architectural Heritage, opened the view from inside to Galleria’s vaults, recovered the original French iron structures of the attic floor, and brought to light the original timber roof trusses, to return the taste of history to the place.

(photo Umberto Armiraglio, Fernando Arias, Matteo Maule)