Apartment in via Sella, Milan (Italy)



Milan, Italy



architecture, interior and lighting design


This two bedrooms apartment comes from the complete refurbishment of a historic building in the city center, near the ancient and huge Castello Sforzesco. The floor plan proposes a classic typology, with a central corridor that distributes to the main rooms at the sides, and the sleeping area well insulated from the living room and service areas.

The main decorative elements of the building were soberly renovated, keeping with the historical character of the building: the Venetian terrace floors were restored with frames and decorative motifs in red on a light background; oak floors where painted with an unusual white colour and laid with bevel and frame; wooden doors and windows where lacquered with absolute white colour, but reproducing a classic design. The master bathroom was covered with big sheets of Carrara marble; the second bathroom was decorated with a delicate Biancone marble, besides a more intense Rosso di Verona in the shower. The walls were painted with light colours in the living area, while in the sleeping area were choosen different gradations of hazelnut, to offer a more intimate atmosphere.

In contrast with the retro character, the linearity of the kitchen and the custom furniture, in addition to the use of technical lighting, reveals a contemporary approach to the project. The doors of service and storage rooms and the doors of the niche furniture are all with invisible doorjambs. Built-in strip led and hanging lamps, with their elemental geometric shapes, contribute to the clarity of the interior design of the apartment.

(photo Sera Lighting)