Apartment in Citylife District



Milan, Italy



architecture, interior, lighting and furniture design


The apartment lay on the 8th floor of a recently constructed residential block designed by Daniel Libeskind, fronting the park of new born Citylife district.

The design of the apartment is the result of an intriguing work of re-composition of alignments in plan, after canceling the original project plan. Starting from the apparent randomness of building’s shape, the plan was adapted to the marked divergences and convergences of external walls. In this way the new lay-out offers different visual cones and new scenes, also depending from the distinct features of coverings and finishes.

The geometric definition of surfaces results by using linear and thin construction elements, like milled handles of customized furniture and edges between horizontal and vertical planes. Materials and colors emphasize surface’s contrasts, from the dark of floors and wooden boiserie, to the white of walls and ceilings, or the creamy colors and rough texture of limestone coverings. In the middle of the range come warmer shades of gray, olive and taupe of the furniture and fabrics, and the glossy chromed finishes of doors’ frames and other accessories.

The use of architectural led lights, mainly recessed, and with linear or spot shapes according to the occasion, gives an important contribution to characterize geometries and spaces.

(photo Fernando Arias, Umberto Armiraglio and Stefania Cellini)