Massimo Magaldi


Massimo Magaldi, born in Milan in 1971, studied at the Faculty of Architecture of the Milan Polytechnic. In the early years of his career he worked at the side of Prof. M.L. Trani in the same University, focusing on and practicing issues related to construction sites and their management. As a matter of fact he believes that the knowledge of the ways to build is essential for the education of the architect.

In the following years he practiced as independent architect, opening his own studio in 2006 in Milan, the world capital of design and fashion.

His projects range in residential, services, commercial and hospitality markets. His approach to architecture is inspired by the critical rationalist themes of the so-called School of Milan. It is inspired by principles of truth and constructive clarity, applying itself in the search for formal simplicity, attention to detail, and in the use of sustainable technologies and materials. His works emphasize the constant dialogue between materials, textures and light. It considers essential the presence of the sense of movement in space, obtained through the reduction of separations and the search for different views, without ever sacrificing the reasons of the project to pure formal research.

Among the latest prestigious works, published in specialized magazines and popular articles, appear the ampliation of TownHouse Galleria & Seven Stars Suites hotel, the Pavarotti Restaurant & Museum and Terrazza Duomo 21 restaurant & lounge, all completed in the more symbolic monuments of the center of Milan. Because of the design commitment in the field of luxury hospitality, he was invited for a debate at the 2015 edition of the TTG International Tourism Fair in Rimini, and for a speech at the 2017 edition of “Milan Identity” at the Urban Center in Milan.

Driven by a personal interest in sustainable constructions, since some years he is called to attend the development of an eco-friendly residential community in Latin America, engaging in the creation of value by applying the themes of use and conservation of local resources, energy self-sufficiency and sharing with local communities.

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Works in progress

  • 2018 Terrace Bar, Jesolo (VE), Italy

  • 2018 J Restaurant, Jesolo (VE), Italy

  • 2018 renovation of a private villa in via Allegranza, Milan, Italy

Completed works

  • 2018 Smart Design Hotel stand, Sia Hospitality Design, Rimini, Italy

  • 2017 KC School’s new building in via Tenca, Milan, Italy

  • 2017 Magville Hotel Milan, Italy

  • 2016 Christmas temporary shop in piazza Cordusio, Milan, Italy

  • 2016 Ottagono lounge & oyster bar, Milan, Italy

  • 2016 penthouse in Porta Venezia, Milan, Italy

  • 2016 apartment in Cuort Tschat 12, Schlarigna, Switzerland

  • 2015/2016 TownHouse Galleria & Seven Stars Suites hotel, Milan, Italy

  • 2015 apartment in via Savona, Milan, Italy

  • 2015 Pavarotti Restaurant & Museum, Milan, Italy

  • 2015 Terrazza Duomo 21 restaurant & lounge, Milan, Italy

  • 2015 TownHouse Duomo hotel – reception/restaurant, Milan, Italy

  • 2014/2015 TownHouse Duomo hotel – Suite 11, Milan, Italy

  • 2014 apartment in via Orsenigo, Milan, Italy

  • 2014 Supreme Burger Experience restaurant, Milan, Italy

  • 2013/2015 apartment in Citylife district - Libeskind towers, Milan, Italy

  • 2013 apartment in Chiavari (GE), Italy

  • 2012/2013 apartment in via Sella, Milan, Italy

  • 2012/2013 Delifrance Italia headquarter, Assago (MI), Italy

  • 2011/2013 renovation of five lofts in via Vannucci, Milan, Italy

  • 2009/2010 two apartments in via Tommaso da Cazzaniga, Milan, Italy

  • 2007 apartment in via Washington, Milan, Italy

  • 2006/2008 residential building in via Prinetti, Milan, Italy

  • 2004 renovation of four lofts in via Pavia, Milan, Italy

  • 2003/2006 residential buildings in via XX Settembre, Rovato (BS), Italy

  • 2002 apartment in via Monteverdi, Milan, Italy

  • 2001 renovation of six apartmentsin Porta Venezia, Milan, Italy

Exhibitions and conferences

  • april 2017: Urban Center, Milan, Italy. Photo collective exhibition <Milan 2017 - Comfort on display - Designing, building, renovating Italian architecture>

  • march 2017: Urban Center, Milan, Italy. Meetings “Milan Identity”, conference <Building reinterpretation: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II>

  • october 2015: TTG/SIA Guest, Rimini Fair, Expo Center (RM), Italy. Debate SIA Trend <Hotels in the city: new solutions and concepts for hospitality. The case study of TownHouse Duomo>


  • 2015: The Ceramic and the Project, commercial section – The architectural contest of the Italian ceramic industry – participation